Pimp Daddy Minister Busted For Operating $2 Million Investment Scam
5/26/2018 7:00 PM
Pimp Daddy Minister Busted For Pimpin" Investors For $2 Million In Fraudulent Investment Scheme...Read More Bought By Quicken Loans Owner
5/25/2018 7:00 PM Domain Bought By Quicken Loans Owner Dan Gilbert For An Estimated $3.2 millio...Read More
Renters Become Majority in More than 20 Major US cities
5/24/2018 7:00 PM
``More than 20 large cities are now renting majority cities.  This is a big shift and of course goes against the trend that things are back to "normal" in the sense that if you want to own in certain locations you will need to overpay for a crap shack... Many over spend dramatically when they buy. You see this with DINKs -- they buy with two income...Read More
U.S. Sanction Power May Be Reaching Its Limit
5/23/2018 7:00 PM
``In July 2017, Germany"s Kiel Institute for the World Economy published a study on the economic impact of multilateral sanctions imposed on Russia over its annexation of Crimea three years earlier. While Russia naturally took the biggest hit, a surprisingly large share of the losses--$44 billion--was borne by the sanctioners. Of that, almost 40 pe...Read More
Judges Sing The Theme To Rawhide As Foreclosure Defense Become Harder
5/23/2018 7:00 PM
Judges Sing The Theme To Rawhide As Foreclosure Defense Become Harder And Orlando Foreclosures Decline...Read More
Broward County Judicial Candidate Leonore Greller Pens Nutso Rant
5/22/2018 7:00 PM
Broward County Judicial Candidate Leonore Greller Pens Nutso Rant Filled With Diarrhea Of Fonts And Color...Read More
House passes bank bill rolling back Dodd Frank rules; Goes to Trump for Signing
5/21/2018 7:00 PM
``The measure eases restrictions on all but the largest banks. It raises the threshold to $250 billion from $50 billion under which banks are deemed too important to the financial system to fail. Those institutions also would not have to undergo stress tests or submit so-called living wills, both safety valves designed to plan for financial disaste...Read More
Trader: Italy On Verge Of Inducing Fresh European Crisis
5/21/2018 7:00 PM
It may be time to move on from rising Treasury yields and trade wars. An Italian-led euro crisis is on the verge of becoming the dominant theme for markets. It turns out that the euro break-up trade isn"t dead -- it"s just been hibernating and is likely to return with a vengeance in the months ahead if the populists get their way. Their proposed ec...Read More
Foreclosures Are Skyrocketing In These 12 Markets
5/21/2018 7:00 PM
Foreclosures Have Increased In These 12 Markets As The Number Of Foreclosures Fall Nationwid...Read More
New York and the feds both want Pharma Bro"s money first
5/20/2018 7:00 PM
"Martin Shkreli has failed, neglected, or refused to pay in full the liability for the income tax year 2015," and he still owes the IRS $1,695,397, the court papers say. Last month, then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the state should be paid the remaining $480,000 of a $1.2 million 2016 tax bill before Shkreli starts paying his $7.3 milli...Read More